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From the “Annual Income Decleration” of Makbul Ağa

Mosque Foundation it is understood that Sefa Tuarkish Bath”was restored in 1450 and according to “Ottoman City Archives” it served under the name of “Makbul Ağa Turkish Bath”.

“Sefa Turkish Bath” wich has the features of 13th century Seljuk Architecture also includes certain features of he Roman Architecture in its infrastructure.

The Apoditerium(Underessin Room) section of the bath was modernized 80 years before. In addition, the Firigitarium (Cold Room), the Tepidarium(Dry-Warm Room), Caldarium(Moist-Host Room), the Sudatorium(Steam Bath) and the Praefurnium(Boiler Room) sections have stayed intact till today.

The firewoods burning in the praefurnium(Boiler Room) which places under the hot water reservior, produce flames provide general heating by passing trough the tunnels under the bath and reaching to the chimneys.

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